The Basics Of Storing Clothes In A Storage Facility

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Individuals who live in Jersey City often have the need to store their clothing because they’re moving or they don’t have the extra space in their house. When storing clothes, it’s important to pack and store them properly so they’re not damaged while being stored. Read the information below to learn the basics of storing clothes in Storage Units in Jersey City.

Cleaning Clothes For Storage

Before packing up the clothes that will be stored in Self Storage Units they should be washed and dried first. Dirt and stains that are left in clothes prior to storing them will cause the fibers in the clothing to become weak. This greatly reduces the wearable lifespan of the clothes.

After washing the clothes and removing stains, individuals should make sure the clothes are thoroughly dry before placing them into storage boxes or containers. Damp clothes will become moldy and this will cause an odor in all of the clothes that are packed together. After drying clothes in the dryer, hang them up for several hours before packing them in a container to ensure they’re completely dry.

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Packing Clothes For Storage

Plastic storage containers are perfect for storing clothes in Self Storage Units in Jersey City but purchasing these types of containers can be expensive. Individuals who are on a budget and can’t afford to buy plastic totes can use boxes instead. It’s not recommended to use airtight bags when storing clothes because of the lack of ventilation, which can cause mold and mildew growth.

Individuals should fold their clothes loosely, to allow for sufficient ventilation, before placing them into the container for storage. Many individuals purchase wardrobe boxes if they want to keep their clothes hanging up instead of folded. When using wardrobe boxes, individuals should leave some space around each item of clothing to prevent wrinkling.

Storing Clothes In The Unit

After placing clothes into a container or box, individuals should place a label on each container. On the label, write down each article of clothing that’s in the box so it will be easy to find certain clothing items when they’re needed.

When storing clothes at Self Storage Facilities in Jersey City it’s best to rent a unit that’s climate controlled. If they’re in an outside unit, humid conditions could ruin the clothes if they’re stored for a long time.

Follow these steps to keep clothing protected and damage free while in a storage unit. Individuals in Jersey City can find affordable and safe storage by contacting Storage Post. This facility offers climate controlled units in various sizes and price ranges.

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